36 3-in-1 electric hair brush to hit best seller list among personal care appliances.

The 2017 market has registered a marked rise in the demand and purchase of personal beauty care appliances. With the urban population continually under pressure to look their best, appliances that offer quick solutions have been some of the best sellers.Women are continually under pressure to look their best with flawless skin and just-out-of-the-salon kind of hair. With most women struggling to use their hair straightener which consumes a lot of time, the 3-in-1 electric hair brush straightener is currently becoming a popular favourite.

The product’s massive sales attribute its ability to address multiple hair problems faced by most women. It has become a favourite home stylist tool for moms with frizzy hair. The manufacturers claim that by simply brushing their hair with the tool, it gives an instant silky, smooth hair in just a matter of a few minutes. Reviewers in the market have revealed that it uses the MCH (Metal Ceramic Heater) technology. Due to this, the heating capacity can go up to 450 degree Fahrenheit / 230 degree Celsius without causing damage to the hair. It is targeted to replace the everyday manual hair combs by offering a magic solution to detangle and straighten the hair just by simply combing through the hair like usual.

The ceramic plates in the comb have been designed to release negative ions which will actually help to make the hair look smoother and shinier. As a tool designed for everyday use, the comb tips are heat insulated so that there are no accidental burns on the scalp. For quick uses in the morning, it is made from materials that are heat resistant and finger resistant so that the hand stays cool and clean. As a beauty tool designed for busy women, it comes with a rotatable wire so that there are no wire twinning during rush hours in the morning.  For more information please visit https://www.kinkyhaircare.com/products/brush

Kinkyhaircare is a leading website that is exclusively dedicated to hair care. It offers reviews from real customers about its different hair product tools available in the market. It is currenlty highly popular for its 3-in-1 electric hair brush.

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