49 Introducing the founder of Docte Gestio Group, “Bernard Bensaid”

A French economist and the founder of Docte Gestio Group, Bernard Bensaid has gained huge popularity in the various fields which has earned him his popularity among the media and many people. A man who had achieved great success in winning the DEA in Mathematics and Masters in Economics, sources had reported that Bernard Bensaid had also received his diploma for the National School of Statistics and Economics Administration.

Basing from the reports, Bernard Bensaid is also said to be a man of great learning who has moved on to great heights in his professional and educational careers. News reports states that the man has achieved many rewards in the year 1990 while also taking the award of Gaetan Piroe Prize of the Chancellery of Universities. Further achievement includes his nomination for the Best Young Economist in France in the year 2000. Creating his Docte Gestio Group in the year 1999, it is said that he moved ahead with many more developments which can be seen in the fields of housing, trade and office. There are reports of Bernard Bensaid and his group dealing with hotel managements and residencies as well as medico-social and sanitary sectors.

Winning huge achievements, his Docte Gestio Group has be found to be operating nearly about 93 hotels, residences, 9 healthcares and nearly around 53 medico-social institutes. Sources close to Bernard Bensaid have also reported that the main intension behind developing the Docte Gestio is for developing the quality and density of different networks so that it can create a kind of value on all different fields of business including healthcare and real estate services and the move is known to have come forward keeping the clients requirements in mind. For more information please visit http://www.le-perche.fr/4105/belleme-bernard-bensaid-veut-rendre-son-standing-a-lhotel-du-golf/


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