28 Latest updated exchange rate of popular currencies to Naira unveiled at fxnairamarket.com

Online site fxnairamarket.com has recently launched updated information of currency exchange rate of popular currencies like Dollar, Pound, and Euro to Naira. It has however been claimed that the rates may not be relevant in some cases and that they could be slightly higher or lower based on the vendor.

Regarding that a representative of the stated that the Naira exchange rates always keep fluctuating and that this scenario makes it very difficult to obtain the exact rates offered by vendors in the black market. According to him, “Our information and update can be most beneficial for those Nigerians who are currently residing in European countries or the US.

We collect the data from reliable sources and share them on our website to alert people.”He further added, “Visitors to our website will also find bank ATM rates that can be useful when using the services of ATMs in other countries outside Nigeria. Those who want to find out the currency differences can also do so through the online currency converter tool available on our website.”

It can be maintained that such platform that frequently delivers latest updates of currency exchange rates and other similar services are becoming more and more popular as people visit or come to stay in other countries. Exchanging one’s native currency to a foreign currency often comes at a cost which keeps changing. Besides, the interbank and black market rates for these exchanges tend to be in conflict with the official rates set by the financial institutions.  Later, the representative passed on the information that the website will be sharing more updates about the Naira currency and the latest financial news circulating around the world. For more details please visit http://www.fxnairamarket.com/


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It is an independent website that provides useful information about currency exchange rates from Naira to foreign currencies such as Dollar, Euro, and Pound. The updates of the exchange rates are of black market. The website is also a platform for the latest financial news going on around the world.

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Update: Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate

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