30 Launch of GTA IV for Android and iOS has exceeded expectations with massive downloads.

The launch of GTA IV Android and iOS has recorded a massive rise in sales during the first few months. Market experts reveal that the rise is expected to continue throughout the year, considering the enthusiasm with which the gaming community is responding.

With a tough challenge to stay on bar with the graphics of the PC, Xbox or Playstation, Rockstar has done a commendable job in putting up an impressive graphics combatable with mobile software. The remarkable increase in mobile downloads speak volumes of the game’s success. For Android users, cars in the GTA IV can be easily customized at any given custom shops indicated on the map. Once the customization is complete, the character gets to keep it.

Not forgetting the Rockstar editor in GTA 4 Android, users can also record their personal experience and publish it on Rockstar Games Social Club or Youtube. A default camera view option is also available with the “display” section where one can enable the “allow independent camera modes”. For better performance on Android mobile phone or tablet, users can update to a better processor. Despite the sophisticated graphics, it still runs smoothly on android version 4.0. While it is always a better experience to play it on bigger screen, the game has registered massive downloads on mobile phones.

With ease of usage, an individual can continue with the same game from different devices by transferring all earned money from their previous GTA IV online character from playstation, Xbox or PC to GTA 4 iOS or Android. For iOS users, they can freely roam the game’s world when outside of mission. There is also the freedom to complete optional side missions. For mobile players on the go, the single player mode has been most popular. It allows the user to control a war veteran during the entire story.  For more information please visit http://gta4onmobile.com/


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