39 Molly Test Kit lauded for saving lives by educating people on safe substance use.

It has been reported that there are an estimated 6 million people living in America who are addicted to the consumption of prescription pills. Multiple tests by scientists have also shown that it can be just as addictive as heroin although the user might feel it is safer.Whatismolly.com is a leading web site that is dedicated to educating people about the safe and hazardous aspects of rolling. The attempt has been launched after the country recorded an all-time high on incidences of addiction.

The Molly aka MDMA testing kit has an overall rating of 4.88 out of 5 stars in one of the world’s largest online shopping sites Amazon. The product has been able to keep one foot ahead of its other counterparts by providing its customers with everything that they need. The Marquis Reagent Testing kit typically includes 1x (10 ml) of MDMA Marquis Reagent. It comes with the US factory seal ISO 9001:2008. The material is lab quality, with a dropper bottle that is certified. Users have revealed that it contains over 200 individual tests, which is enough to last for a long time.

Safe substance use has been one of the most notable endeavours made by the company as it has been instrumental in saving so many young lives from fatal misuse. The Marquis Re agent is the chemical substance that is found in the Molly Test Kit. It is the agent that responds to the individual’s Molly by simply changing the colour when it is mixed. Individuals will be able to tell whether the pill contains MDMA just by the resultant change in colour. The kit has been approved by the government and hence it is safe and legal for anyone to possess. It is also extensively used by many people to test bath salts.  For more information please visit http://whatismolly.com/product/mdma-testing-kit/


whatismolly is a leading website that deals with educating people on the actual facts of rolling. The site illustrates examples from real life incidences. The company advices individuals not to take more than 140 mg as it could be lethal.

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