51 Now available “Call of Duty android” for smart phone users

With the rising popularity of the number of smart phone users, many gaming features are taking its shifts towards mobile and smart phone gaming and with it, Call of Duty android has made its release for Android and iOS devices for achieving the best gaming experience. There have been reports from few stating that the graphics for mobile devices do not compare to that of Xbox one and Playstation 4; however, the game is regarded to be much faster than as expected.

In recent years the processors on mobile devices consist of powerful ram and graphics and it is announced to be enough for running Call of Duty Black Ops 3 on 1024×768 resolutions. Developers have also announced the new introductions on the game which comes with multiplayer facility, offering the possibility to play the match alone or join a match as well as form a team. Reports also have it that Call of Duty android consist of the zombies with a new XP progression system that help in unlocking many more such features. The campaign is a well designed formulated feature which helps support 4 player cooperative Gameplay, opening up more open level design and less corridor shooting, while sources also recorded that the features of the new release also has the ability to customize the characters appearance and clothing.

The 2017 release of Call of Duty android has been reported to offer new visuals and menus included with new kinds of layouts which have offered the possibility to bring Call of Duty android life at the fingertips of the players while having the convenience of availability at all times. For more information please visit http://callofdutyblackops3mobile.com


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