58 Order Now, latest sunglasses brands “occhiali da sole Emporio Armani” with huge discounts!

Business establishment founded by the Balducci family, Piazza has once again come up with a list of the latest trending sunglasses, ranging in wide categories and brands which can be found in Burberry eyewear, occhiali da sole Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Ray Ban, GUCCI, Ralph Lauren and much more. The site has announced the availability of sunglasses for both men and women while it has declared the stores new arrivals for purchase with heavy discounts.

Based on some of the few recommendation of Piazza, Blumarine glasses VBM065T 0300 comes into the list at a 33% discount which range at a cost of 145, 00 € while its original prize ranging at 215, 00€, sunglasses Trussardi STR080 OV34 with 29% discount a range of 131, 00 €, its original cost at 185, 00 €, the new arrived occhiali da sole Emporio Armani EA3034 5231 at 35% discount with cost of 91, 00 € while its original cost being 139,00 €. The site has also announced free delivery on the whole Italian territory while promoting safe payment methods which includes Credit Cards or PayPal bank transfer and Mark.

Sources from the site has also reported that all the products dealt by the site are genuine and original and apart from dealing with sunglasses the site also offers a whole lot of other brands which includes men’s watches and women’s watches and jewellery. The glasses also come with glass boxes or case along with certificate of authenticity and cloth for cleaning the lenses. For mopre information please visit http://www.piazzasanmarino.com/


About Piazza San Marino:

This is an online shop which deals with the best brands and latest arrivals of sunglasses and watches for men and women as well as women jewelries. Located at Optical Piazza di Balducci Rosalba Paola, Piazzetta Garibaldi, 4-47890- San Marino (RSM)- COE SM5370, the site can be contacted via phone call at (+39) 0549 992 046 or mailed at info@piazzasanmarino.com.


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