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Although the use of vinyl records have diminished almost forty to fifty years ago, manufacturers these days have started rolling out some impressive turntables and vinyl players. This is bewildering since people can now store hundreds of songs on their phone or iPod. But market statistics shows that there is a new clamour for listening to authentic and tangible vinyl records on turntables. Pick My Turntable is an online store which provides turntables, vinyl records, and vinyl players.

When contacted, a representative for pickmyturntable says, “The store was started recently in 2015 but it has already become a booming store providing all sorts of turntables and related products. With a passion to provide musicians and music lovers better equipments, we started this online store.”Pick My Turntable has listed some of the top brands which sell turntables. These are Audio Technica, Technics, Teac, Crosley, Stanton, Electrohome, Jensen, and Project.

The store informs that by clicking on the brand names, one will be redirected to the brand’s homepage. From the page, users can learn about the company’s history and also get insight on the brand’s cons and pros. Pickmyturntable suggests that one should first outline one’s expectations before searching, reading reviews, or buying a vinyl record turntable. Vintage and modern-looking turntables are both available. Turntables of a modern-make are incredible regarding their quality, consistency, and performance.Pickmyturntable indicate that fans of vintage turntables can go for new ones with an old school look but which has a modern technology inside.

Market trends indicate that vintage-looking turntables are mostly preferred for their looks and also because not everyone can afford to buy a highly expensive modern high-end turntable. Sources place the price range at $20 or $30 to $30,000 and above. Pickmyturntable has collected the top products in all the price ranges. One can check these by clicking on the brands’ links or one can use the menu to access them. While purchasing a turntable, Pickmyturntable suggest checking various important features or components such as the plinth and the platter. It also suggests checking that the stylus/cartridge/needle system is in fine order and that it is effortless to manually or automatically move.  For more information please visit http://www.pickmyturntable.com/


About pickmyturntable : It is an online store providing turntables, vinyl records, and vinyl players. pickmyturntable was founded recently in 2015. The online store was started with an aim to provide  music lovers and musicians better equipments.


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