44 Sims Mobile announces worldwide user base following launch in Android operating system.

Sims 4 Mobile has recently been launched as the latest new entry in the franchise industry. Soft launched in the recent weeks, Android users have expressed much excitement over the news. The launch has been introduced as an exclusive mobile entry which is up for grabs to all users for free.Although the soft launch was inaugurated out in Brazil, it has registered a worldwide user base after most gamers were able to get their own account from the region.

Users who have already tried out the game have noticed that the mobile iteration has taken it cues from its predecessor the Legacy Challenge. Generally, the goal is for users to build their own family and find ways and means to support them through generations down the line. Trophies are allotted to gamers who are able to make achievements. The trophies have been widely coveted by all users because it is the key to getting access to the special perks in the game.

The latest Android version comes with a multiplayer component for a better playing experience. A common trend recorded among most players is that they host parties to mingle with people and find friends for life or romantic relationships. As announced last year, the Sims 4 Mobile was soft launched at the expected time. Due to high demand, a lot of game enthusiasts announced that they were not able to get hold of their Brazilian soft launch version in the Google Play store.

However, the situation was quickly solved by developers after they started offering compensatory alternatives to download the same. With more android users in the market, the launch has catapulted the game into one of the most popularly played games in the internet. More modifications to the game is expected to further popularise it among game enthusiasts, making it one of the most prominent online games.  For more information please visit  http://thesimsonmobile.com
thesimsonmobile is a leading website dedicated to sims 4 mobile. It has recently announced its soft launch of the game for android operating system. The site offers all necessary information about the game to users.

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