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The latest Google update has informed that Sinar Harian is now available for free download on Google Play. Apparently, whole news coverage can be obtained for free from the Sinar Harian app. Sources confirmed that transparent and sensational news regarding politics, entertainment, sports, and events and news happening in Malaysia and also international news can be obtained from this app. One can also reportedly customize the news according to one’s wish want in the Sinar Harian app.

According to a statement by Google Play, since Sinar Harian App is a recent news app, it has few advertisements to cover the server costs. It is a given fact that ads placed in apps helps in accommodating servers. Therefore, users are requested to lend their support by using this Sinar Harian app daily. The Sinar Harian app can be downloaded for free. Users are implored to share and distribute this app to family and friends.

According to reliable reports, Sinar Harian is a daily newspaper in Malay language. It is published in  Malaysia. It was first published in 2006. Sinar Harian is well known for its balanced reporting unlike a lot of mainstream media based in Malaysia. Reports cite that the columns and articles and columns published in Sinar Harian present the varied viewpoints of different Malaysian political fields. The newspaper occasionally organise public debates and forums.

Reports confirms that while Sinar Harian provides standard national and international events and news, it also provides local and regional news which are based on regional editions. These are published in a pull-out format or section. Regional correspondents also known as ‘Skuad Cakna’ (Concerned Squads) are reportedly kept in every district and important centres of the states. Thus, it can be seen that all important regional events and news are covered by Sinar Harian. The best part is, this Sinar Harian app is now available for download on Google Play. Thus, one can easily access the news covered by the Sinar Harian newspaper on the Sinar Harian app from anywhere in the world. For more information please visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=malayisinar.com&hl=en


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