22 Talos Jewels 925 launched for rediscovering the value of a homemade Custom jewelry (gioielli personalizzati)

An Italian brand being produced in Italy, Talos Jewels is recently making news as it has launched new homemade custom jewellery 925, which have been announced to be handcrafted by master jewellers. Wearing unique and personalized jewellery can provide thrill, especially when it has been forged with love and passion. The main purpose of launching Talos Jewels is for creating a kind of awareness to the people about the value of custom jewellery which had been made by hand.

As reported, all Talos jewels are known to be handmade which have been handcrafted by the hands of experts and has been customized based on request. The Jewel 925 is a perfectly worked, laminated, wrought and engraved product which has alleviated the feeling of ancient art and practise and is now available in limited number of goldsmith shops.

Talos have made a declaration that every jewel carries raw emotions and feelings of the customer as it provides the ability to record a significant text, filled with emotions. Talos has claimed its inspiration to be derived and forged from the God’s. It has also announced that Talos would begin its offering in small selections with the hope to keep expanding slowly, basing on the trends and tastes of the general public. With these in mind, it may be maintained that the store has made some few more additions to the catalogue, including the Zeus and the Aphrodite ring. Sources from the site have also provided tips that it has more plans for new jewelleries in the coming months. For more information please visit https://www.talosgioielli.it/


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Known for being a site which is specialized in the sale of custom made jewels such as rings, pendants and bracelets, Talosgioielli offers the availability of shipment within Italy and some few other countries. The site can be reached via phone: 340 9659983 or can write to them via mail: assistenza@talosgioielli.it.


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