72 The Horror Side of Plastic Surgery Revealed

Celebrities and their plastic surgeries are common knowledge. However, the instances of celebrities whose plastic surgeries went horribly wrong are not discussed in the open. elitecelebsmag attempts to reveal some cases of plastic surgery which went horribly wrong. In a blog given on their website, elitecelebsmag has revealed a list of 75 celebrities whose plastic surgeries took a turn for the worse.

Celebrities face constant pressure to maintain their best look for the cameras as well as their audiences. The obsession for perfection and beauty has led famous people to take drastic steps – plastic surgery. However, reports indicate that most plastic surgery do not always give better results. elitecelebsmag has featured some cases of celebrities plastic surgeries gone horribly wrong.

A visit to their website reveals the names of 75 celebrities whose plastic surgeries resulted in the worse results. The first on the list feature Donatella Versace. The world knows Donatella Versace as a top fashion icon who is also the vice-president of the brand ‘Versace’. As such, the world expects her to have a glamorous look. But sources revealed that various plastic surgeries have left her looking horrible. Pictures available at the website show that she is now almost unrecognizable. Jackie Stallone, mother of famous actor Sylvester Stallone is also another example of plastic surgery disaster. In spite of her earlier achievements and reputation, she is now infamous only for her surgery disaster.

The blog has also shed light on the disastrous plastic surgeries of Latoya and Michael Jackson. The Jackson family are in the news for all the wrong reasons. Media reports show that Michael Jackson and his sibling are now unrecognisable from their original looks. Apart from these mentioned celebrities, elitecelebsmag has also listed the names of other 71 celebrities whose plastic surgeries went horribly wrong. More details of this can be accessed from https://elitecelebsmag.com/plastic-surgery-gone-wrong/


About elitecelebsmag: It is an online celebrity news magazine. elitecelebsmag has recently provided a list of 75 celebrities whose plastic surgeries were disastrous. Pictures are also given alongside the news.


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